Running DOS versions of MYM on Windows XP
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No one has posted here on this forum for a long time. I hope Bernie or Mel or someone picks this up.

Does anyone know how to contact Terry Baker? I have a 10 year old Email address, which I sent to, but I have no idea if it is still valid.

If anyone of you uses Terry's MYMBAK, here is my problem.

I have been using MYM12 (and Terry's MYMBAK) for more years than I can remember. I run it on an old Windows XP computer. Everything has worked great for years.

A few days ago, when I was doing creating a MYM report for my taxes, somehow the 3.5" 1.44MB floppy that I was using had a problem for which I could not recover. So I decided to start 'Printing' those reports to my C: hard drive. Works fine.

I have also been backing up the MYM files to floppies, so I decided to change that to files on C: also. So I went to MYMSETUP.BAT (made a copy first), and changed 4 settings to the following:

Nothing else was changed.

I then created C:\MYMDATA

But I cannot get MYMBAK to create the directories under C:\MYMDATA, such as C:\MYMDATA\MYMBAK1, etc.

I opened MYM, and tried saving it, but I get a a message that rapidly rolls over and over on the screen saying something like MYMBAK1 does not exist.

I then tried creating the sub directories MYMBAK1, etc. manually, but that was of no help.

I also tried running MYMINIT.BAT manually, but that gave me a messages saying either the 10 variables on MYMSETUP.BAT were not correct, or that the DOS environmental variable was less than 1035. But it appears that XP does not need this variable to be changed. I even searched the internet, and found no help.

Any suggestion as to what the problem might be?

Harry Ward

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